Professional, Socially Responsible Portfolio and Financial Management for Individuals and Families

Financial + Human Integrity

JPS Global Investments is a registered investment adviser offering comprehensive portfolio management and related financial services to enable our clients to meet their investment goals. We have a fiduciary duty to put our clients’ interests first. As a fee-only advisor our objective is clear: to protect and grow our clients’ wealth, not to sell complex and expensive financial products.

The product-driven investor culture, as promulgated by large brokerage firms, has led to “return-chasing” whereby investors seek out yesterday’s top performing investments, which invariably are tomorrow’s laggards. Meanwhile, disciplined, savvy investors, averse to following the crowd — large University Endowments are a prime example — have fared much better. It is our mission therefore, to build institutional quality portfolios so that our clients are well positioned to succeed in a complex and volatile financial world.

In the 21st century successful companies can no longer ignore social and environmental risks and opportunities. Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) is the integration of social, environmental, and corporate governance criteria in the investment process. We believe this can be done successfully without jeopardizing financial return. The other big theme of this century is the ascent of developing markets and the global middle class, driven by Africa and South Asia. We offer our clients exposure to these two long-term themes, tailored to the clients’ needs and interest.

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